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..Summer 2022 Mother-Apprentice team - photo credit Aaron Soler (2022)).jpg

Concourse House works to eliminate homelessness by providing families with safe, stable transitional housing. Our approach is holistic and includes a variety of programming including the arts. The arts curator integrates art into our on-site educational and recreational services, organizes exhibitions and displays in our building, and nurtures talented artists within our community. In addition, as part of Art on the Concourse, we display the works of our participants and neighboring artist throughout the Fordham Bedford neighborhood for the community to enjoy.


We commission Bronx-based artists to run specialist workshops and work closely with our neighborhood community. Current artist collaborators include Design Advocates, C.G Esperanza, Lady K Fever and Naomi Lawrence.


We provide a multitude of programs such as Weekly Art Programs;

Neighborhood Arts Partnerships; and our Mother-Artist Apprentice Program. These creative programs offer our residents a supportive learning experience, a community of mentors and a therapeutic outlet for self-expression.


For further information please contact Arts Curator, Jess Rolls

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