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Home for women and
their children since 1991

About Anchor


In 1991 Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation (FBHC) founded Concourse House. FBHC saw the need to provide safe, stable transitional housing to Women and Their Young Children. As such, we provide transitional housing to 44 women and their young children under the age of nine. The families stay with us for a period of 6-9 months. FBHC’s vision for Concourse House was twofold. First, they wanted to assist in the move of homeless women and their children from the inhumanity and dependency of congregate shelters into decent temporary housing. During the time period in which families reside at Concourse House, they are provided with numerous services to facilitate the transition into permanent housing. The second part of FBHC’s vision was to assist families in finding and maintaining permanent housing by utilizing various housing programs and then providing follow-up services to better ensure the permanency of their placement. 


Concourse House works to eliminate homelessness by providing families with safe, stable, transitional housing. Concourse House works with each family  according to their own individual needs and provides services based on those needs. Concourse House emphasizes stability and healthy independent living. By providing our women and children with a supportive, engaging environment, Concourse House hopes to instill the tools needed to make a successful transition into permanent housing for every family we serve.

Who we serve

Concourse House serves  women with their children under the age of nine. The Department of Homeless Services refers the families from the 5 boroughs of NYC. Once a family is found eligible for services they are immediately enrolled into on-site programs for adults and children. Families arrive at Concourse House for many different reasons. Circumstances include: evictions due to overcrowding, victims of domestic violence, loss of employment, fire victims or those who have aged out of foster care.

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