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Family Services

Volunteer Opportunities
Concourse House has several options for volunteering. Whether you need to fill a community volunteer assignment, just want to volunteer with children, or are looking to gain experience this is the perfect opportunity for you! Our volunteers work mainly with our children in the after-school or day care programs. The hours are flexible and we can work with almost any schedule.

Intern Opportunities
Many high school and college students from the local area as well as other boroughs have completed an internship with Concourse House. Interns work in our After-school Program, Day Care program as well as our Family Services Department. We will work with your school to make sure all requirements are met and work with you to ensure a successful placement. Those seeking a placement that is fulfilling or looking to gain experience for future jobs in the social service or education field should contact us via e-mail.

Family Services Department
Working one on one with clients and issues
Assisting with case records

Networking with outside agencies and resources
Developing a rapport with social service staff

Summer Youth Workers
Summer Youth workers must apply with private contractors. Concourse House will then apply through the contractor for a specific amount of workers for the summer. We typically have ten to fifteen spots available. After an orientation workshop the youth workers will be selected by a Concourse House staff member. Summer youth workers should not contact Concourse House directly; rather they should go through their designated contractor.

For more information on Family Services,
Contact Jenny at:

What's New

If you are looking to donate our families are in need of fans, mops, cleaning supplies and general toiletry items. We are thankful to those who have already donated some of these items, it is such a tremendous help to us.We appreciate all of you who support Concourse House and invite you to come see firsthand the work we are doing with our children and families. We wish you all a happy and safe summer.