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Concourse House, a Tier II shelter, was founded in 1991 by the Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation (FBHC) to provide transitional housing to Women with Children ages nine and under.

FBHCS vision for Concourse House was twofold. First, they wanted to assist in the move of homeless women and their children from the inhumanity and dependency of congregate shelters to decent temporary housing. During the time the families reside at Concourse House, they are provided with numerous services to facilitate the transition to permanent housing. The second part of FBHC’s vision was to assist families in finding and maintaining permanent housing by utilizing various housing programs and then by providing follow-up services to ensure permanence of the placement.

What's New

If you are looking to donate our families are in need of fans, mops, cleaning supplies and general toiletry items. We are thankful to those who have already donated some of these items, it is such a tremendous help to us.We appreciate all of you who support Concourse House and invite you to come see firsthand the work we are doing with our children and families. We wish you all a happy and safe summer.